My name is Cheryl and I am a woman striving to live a life of sexual abstinence. “They” say it can’t be lived but I am a living testimony to the very truth that it can be done. This November will mark 11 years of no sexual contact. It is truly a milestone for me, coming from my “interesting” background, of which you will be given a front row seat. I am not here to merely broadcast what has happened in my life for attention, nor to condemn those who are not living as I do, but to shed some light on the “No Sex Zone”  and my decisions that led to this lifestyle. It is a life that I live with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the support of my family. Without any of them or God, I could not have made it and you wouldn’t know that it was possible.

To God be all the Glory. Give me wisdom on what You want me to write and when to write it. Guide me as You will. I am Your instrument. Open the hearts, minds, eyes and ears of those who read these words. This is a testament to them as they witness what Your servant has experienced. Bless them to live the life that is in Your Will for them to live.


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  1. Please come around as much as you are free to. Great transformation and faith comes from such message as these! God bless and increase his favor and strength over your life


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