Because of “Love”

DASAarUVYAA8KAtBack in the day, I allowed so many dudes to tell me what love was instead of finding out for myself.
Because of “love” I endured an abusive relationship….I hated myself and allowed everything in order to be with him. Because of “love” I contracted several diseases. I sexed him on demand…I pretended that everything was ok. Because of “love” I explained away the broken nose, the slaps and punches with his jagged rings, the blows to the back of my head with his hair clippers, the knockouts, the mental games, and the possessiveness. I remained quiet… I no longer allowed myself to be present… because he existed for the both of us.
Today, I know what love is not. So, if at anytime the “Love” of your life has you experiencing any of these symptoms, you’re sick and need a cure. The only guaranteed remedy I can prescribe to you is escape before you lose your mind any further… Or your life.

My prayer is that you won’t allow yourself to be abused mentally, emotionally, physically, nor sexually. It’s hard to come back from these things. But with Jesus, a made up mind, and support from people who love you, you are more than a conqueror. You are victorious!

Peace be with you all…



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