“Rubbin’ ain’t sex, boo,” he said. I said, “Yeah, I know what it is. However, I don’t want to put myself in a position that I know will cause an issue.” He says, “I’ll just use toys and rub you until you’re ready for Big Daddy.” I said, “What the what? No! I don’t think that’s wise and I don’t believe in playing with fire.” He asked if my lifestyle prevents me from dating and I said I’ve only had  few dates and I set limits but many don’t like that. “This tells me all I need to know- that the many only want booty,” I said. He became quiet until later that day. However, I was completely done with him. Why? My life is an issue and regardless of what I said, he was sure he was gonna smack it up, flip it, and rub it down like he was glazing Thanksgiving turkey. No respect. But, I’m the one with issues?

I wanted to talk about things pertinent to even allowing a serious pursuance my way, like, whether he was abusive, had a porn addiction, blames the women for the dissolve of his previous relationships, or if he had sex recently- he was totally against this discussion. However, sexing me, he could talk about for forever. If we’re talking, I’m to getting to the nitty gritty. Sorry but not really.LOL A lot of men don’t feel it’s necessary or that it’s too personal. But you want to eat my Jello pudding pops? Seriously?  This is what I deal with as a celibate woman holding on to her beliefs.

Why is it so freakin’ important to have me on the menu? I am not the only female left in the world and there are plenty who give it up for some change, for free, and or for a Happy Meal. LMBO Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against getting my goose cooked, so to speak…I’m just not cooking without the right chef, tools and products, nor timing. Everybody  is caking which eventually leads to eating groceries, tossing salads, swallowing the gravy and, well…you all get the gist. LMBO But, I’m mocked for not giving up the birthday cake. SMH

HEY … here’s a thought: let’s see if someone is honestly willing to bake cake with me. I know I’m goofy ya’ll but bear with me. LOL Ready?

O.K. First, decide if I’m the kind of cake you want. I’m chocolate and who doesn’t like chocolate? I’m filled with mess from my past that I’ve overcome, and still overcoming, with knowing Jesus, prayer,  and support from my family. Next, you’ll want to preheat my oven. Feel me out and see whether I’m worth your pursuance and if not, don’t touch my buttons because you are liable to get burned. Now, do you have all your ingredients? You’ve listened to my hurts, and weaknesses, battles, and triumphs. This can be challenging but not impossible without the right stuff. Now measure everything out. Do you feel I’m worth it? Do you think you have the right amounts of love, integrity, and respect to maintain a loving relationship towards forever with me? Now, mix it all up. Will we mesh or collide? Does my personality offend your pride? Are you able to withstand healthy critique from someone who loves you? If that’s a yes, then take my hand and pour your all into me as you’ve accepted the reality of an “us”. Now we’re baking in a cake pan for as long as necessary but be careful; too long and we might dry out or sink. If just long enough, we will make it out of the heat of trials to the cooling rack of the certainty of a future union. We’ve gone through it all and now our “I Do’s” completes the recipe. Now, are you happy with the results as that’s all that matters?

So, yeah… if these men feel they want to be my next great baker, all applications are welcome but please don’t be upset if you don’t make it to the finale. I don’t think I’m asking for much but if you want to pursue or actually get with me, you must be willing to weigh the costs. I’m not a joke and my time is precious and I have  definitely shown that I have no problem with waiting on my pastry chef. And I’ll wait for him because I know he has waited for me.  A lifetime and forever, until death do we part, is my prayer…the icing on the cake.

I pray, as always, that you are well and finding light and love is Jesus. I pray that you are sharing your light and love because of Jesus. Love ya!



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