OMG… It’s Time!

Good morning to you all. I pray the grace of God sustains you all. Pray for me as well because I’m about to journey into very dangerous territory… The dating scene! Lol My loving sister had a talk with me yesterday and said, “You need to get back out there. I know you don’t trust yourself but trust God and the wisdom and discernment He’s given you.” Nothing like someone who loves you to tell you about yourself. I needed that to get back out there so, here we go.

Yup, it’s been many moons since I’ve dated definitely since my decision to abstain from sex. Let’s reminisce, shall we? One guy thought we hit it off and we agreed to meet. He was not forth coming as he was deceptive about his looks and build. I didn’t like that he wasn’t truthful but it didn’t matter to me because I just wanted to at least have friendship as I tend to click well with dudes. We went out on a date, talked, walked, laughed and then he thought we were in a monogynous relationship. Psych!!!! After I told him that we could be cool but nothing more, he kinda flipped so I just felt it wise to leave him the hell alone. Lol. Another guy asked me out through my sister when he saw me at the mall. I didn’t see him but thought, what the hey. He called me the next day to make a date and planned on our outing being at a church dinner. Huh? Now, I’ve never been the type that just oh so had to have the dude provide because I always had it myself. But come on now… Church dinner? Hell, take me to Churches if it’s that serious! Lmbo anyway, our schedules conflicted and he just had the most awesome of issues with my lifestyle and how I helped my household. So yeah, I stepped off but not without my sister leaving him with a lovely parting gift of her mouth. Another dude I met seemed cool but real pushy. But guess what? This Negro was married. I said sorry but I don’t want a married man but we could be cool and I always wished him success in his marriage. He didn’t want that and he hated my well wishes. Ooh, one guy actually almost led to a sexual encounter if I had decided to go back out. I’m glad that we had not gotten the chance to speak again. Another guy, till this day, wants my married sister and me but he was cool with our family so I said I’ll give him a chance. He ain’t worth it. He can’t hold a decent conversation to save his life and he lies and has no integrity but had an issue that he won’t ever see my pearly gates.Lol Sure because I’ve waited so long to be swept off my feet by an ignoramus. Imma pray for him.

Some guys I tried to online date and instead of getting decent conversations, I got ultimatums to close my page and be exclusive, page stalkers and penis pics. So, me being who I am now, I’m not looking forward to this.

But I know I have to. I have so many fears you wouldn’t believe. I fear that my strong position will keep me alone. But I know that my strong position has kept me afloat and standing on the foundation that God has built so I take comfort in that. You have to go through the good, the bad, the gorgeous, the ugly the indifferent, all just to get to where you need to be. I’m going to get there.I read one of my brother’s post, (D’Dream- check him out)and he states, “The moment you understand your DESTINY is too big and God’s calling on your life is for a defined purpose! You won’t just marry anyone!” I knew God spoke to me. When I was waiting wrong, I wanted anyone who paid me any attention and had no standards. I also looked at the clock and felt my time was running out. But who’s schedule am I on? I’m on His schedule and I have to wait right. I try to do it right. I keep my mind occupied on things that have nothing to do with folks’time clock and how they assume my progress should flow. I wait aware that it’s not in vain. I know I’m doing right… for me, but hope that my wait shows others that they can too. I’ll do what He says when He says it. I’ll date when and who He says. I can trust myself because He trusts me.

You guys wait on the Lord as well as you know you are worth the wait. He will reveal to you this truth. I love y’all!!!


6 thoughts on “OMG… It’s Time!

  1. Hmmm. I pray God lead you alright. You don’t have to compromise your standards on the altar of relationship. Sure no one is perfect but not everyone is made for you. Just someone who’ll understand your purpose, respect your stands and supports you accordingly.
    We can’t say because we want to eat park and retort to saluting pigs. Just prayerfully chose someone who align with your purpose, values and belief.
    Dating pool, just make sure there is enough safeguard incase the pool torrents begins to act funny

    Happy Dating.


    • Definitely praying. I’m praying about everythang… from the sites to the places to the conversations. I’m not compromising. I’ve had this stand for a long time and I don’t plan on changing it. I’ve learned s great deal and my abstinence has not only been for the sake of waiting but I’ve learned patience in areas that I didn’t exercise it. I’m waiting for whomever the Lord says. I’m dating whomever the Lord says. Don’t hate if you can’t wait! Lmbo

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