Suicide Squad

Hey good people. So, many of you have tuned in. Thank you for your undivided attention. I thank the Lord that you feel led to read, learn, and share.

My journey into celibacy has been hit up pretty hard. I’ve been battered for my beliefs and I honestly can’t understand why. How wrong is my desire to not self indulge in sex? Apparently, it can be fatal.

Do you know every guy that has crossed my path in hopes to “get to know me” later has a severe issue with me? Conversations involve everything and then of course, the topic comes up and I have to explain. They say, “Man, I’m not waiting on you! Or, I thought we were gonna get it in. Or, I got other options. Or, you gone be waiting a long time.” I say, “Good. Get into what? Take your options elsewhere. I’ve been waiting 11 years, so I certainly can wait longer.” There are also people who may be friends and family, coworkers or people in general who hear about your beliefs and will fire arrows straight for your head!

I stated these things because if my mindset was not right, in line with God, nor rebuked the ignorance, these dudes would cause me to lose it. The nay sayers would cause me to concede. Losing it would mean defeat and I’d indulge and all the faith the Lord has put in me will have been for nothing. To me, these people are natural born killers that I’m going to name the Suicide Squad. I know you all have heard of suicide missions, right? Well, these missions are filled with special ops type of people who are aware of impending danger and are not expecting to live. Why? They are expected to take their own life. Taking lives is what they do. Helping you to off yourself is what they will do… If you let them.

Their words and remarks can be devastating if I let them take root. I don’t. I know to pray and when I can’t, I get my family in on the praying. I’m not going down without a fight and you are gonna know you’ve been in one messing with me. Lol

My point is, people can talk all they want, make you question yourself… Criticize and call you out. But can they get in your spirit and cause you to call it quits? Their job is to get you to think you can’t do it. Now, you’re letting it marinade. If you start speaking that death out of your mouth, their job is complete. BOOM! If so, you’ve just committed suicide. Don’t get killed and don’t let anyone kill the YOU that’s holding on for dear life to live a life that pleases the Lord. Hey, even if you do give in, get yo lil behind right back up! God didn’t raise one quitter. 

I’ve been encouraged. You be encouraged.

May the Lord watch over you all and keep your minds set on things that are pure, godly, righteous… the bomb in His eyes.



4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad

  1. I’ll leave with this quote that said “there was never a truly great man that wasn’t misunderstood”. The pulling down syndrome surely has been ingested by these so called Destiny Killer Squad specially built to fulfill their mission and self destruct.

    But they won’t succeed as long we keep our faith grounded. I put this quote down. If everybody were like you, how will the world look now, better or worse. Think about that

    Keep going strong till you find the right one.


    • You know you are awesome, right?!!! Advice noted. You are a soldier whether you know that or not and each word you’ve been speaking sharpens me. Thanks for speaking into not just my life but the lives of those whom you’ve come into any contact.

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  2. Lolzz. Perhaps I’m sharing with the awesomeness of my heavenly father. Its a honour and I’m grateful for the privilege you afford me to interact with you. Its such a great pleasure.

    Every child of God is a soldier. It seems like when we confessed Jesus as our lord, a gun was put to the back of our head as we lift our hands in the spirit of surrender. Some just decides to go AWOL though and later grace brought us back.

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