Great Expectations

Ladies. What type of man do you want or have? What type of woman are you? I believe strongly that you should know a summary of these things before you pursue or chose to be pursued. I heard a little bit about Think Like a Man, the book and I was a bit unnerved. I was told that women are basically setting ourselves up for failure and not to expect too much because our expectations are too high. He said in a joking manner that women want, in a man, all of the bells and whistles in looks, style and behavior, the compliments directed towards them, doesn’t mind crying if serious enough, cares for kids and willing to clean without telling him to do so. Now, I’m not saying that every man will automatically do any of these things but I am saying that that’s a little offsetting to say that I can’t have this or expect it…definitely if we have already discussed what we want, like and expect. Is this such a tall order?He said that it’s unrealistic and that it ain’t happening. I believe that in hindsight, he spoke for all men. Well, we can’t speak for everybody, though, can we? We can only speak for ourselves. I’ve been waiting a very long time and am prepared to wait even longer for the man I believe I am supposed to be with. I’ve been preparing to a wife, a friend, a help meet, and a mother for several years. I think that my man has prayed for me…exactly me. I believe I have prayed for him…exactly him. My man will be awesome but of course with flaws as well as I will be for him. I feel that in order to deal with the man of your dreams or your current situation, you must know yourself and what you want. If you don’t, you have messed up. Go into the relationship knowing who you are and who you are willing to be, who they are, and if you feel they are worth the trouble. Be the real you, so that way, others know who they are getting and can make a decision based on the evidence. Be upfront so there is no guessing and no misunderstanding.Get serious ladies because this is your life. Don’t be afraid to throw some back in the pond either. I am going to expect the unexpected because God said that I can when I pray and of course, if it be His Will, then by all means, I want every last thing He wants me to have. I’m also willing to refuse what He doesn’t want me to have as well, but yeah, I have great expectations!
May God keep each and every one of you and that you live with expectations as well!

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