They Do Exist

People have asked me, “What’s wrong with you?” I ask, “Why does something have to be wrong?” I’m not hurting anyone by not having sex. I’ve been looked at so crazy for my decision like I’m an alien or something. It’s funny because I was looked at just as crazy for having wild sex with all kinds of men for all kinds of reasons. But for some reason, the “no sex” act gains more of the negative attention from men and women. You can’t win for losing, though, huh? Oh well…this is me and has been for some time now and I’m here to stay, so…. deal with it!LOL

There have been times that I felt like I am the only person doing this but I am not alone. There are countless women on the Pinky Promise Movement who claim to be living the same way. I read stories where they have been snapped a new one as well for their stances. I’ve encouraged a few young ladies but gained encouragement myself. I know more and more that this lifestyle is worth it… to me. I know I am worth the wait. I know the Lord finds what I am doing pleasing and He has blessed me for it. I have more patience than I’ve ever had and it gives me a chance to exercise this in other areas. I have a clear and leveled head when dudes try to run game. I’m not worried if I’m the only one nor about women trying to beat me down because she found out she’s not the only one. I’m not pregnant by a man who’s honestly not going to be there and we ultimately end up alone, nor do I have any of his nasty “gifts” that just keep on giving also known as  STD’s.

The above listed are just a few that came to mind but at the end of the day, it’s called a “peace of mind” and I have that. We all can have that. Do you really want it?  It’s not impossible. The road is hard and less traveled, but your footsteps will not be the only ones present. The Lord’s Steps are there, of course, and you will see mine, and others like myself, here and there. LOL I got you if you wanna talk or have questions. There are people out there who live this life…to the fullest.

May God keep you all.



3 thoughts on “They Do Exist

  1. I totally support you. We call it NOSUM (NO Sex Until Marriage )here in Nigeria. I was a virgin when I married. We advocate abstinence until marriage and faithfulness to spouse after. I’m Very proud of you. God will keep keeping you


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